Software Engineer

Most of my life was spent working in the city (Dallas and Austin) as a Software Engineer. I have worked in C/C++, Java, and JavaScript. Building software has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Even though I enjoy developing software, in 2016 I married and moved to the country outside Austin and started ranching on the side.


When you hear "ranch" most people think of cattle. My wife "Rowdy" owned goats before we met, so it is in fact a Goat Ranch. We have four breeds of goats. Two dairy breeds, Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf. And two meat breeds, Boer and Kiko.

In addition to goats we have a small flock of Welsh Harlequin, Magpie, and Khaki Campbell ducks. A flock of Sebastopol geese, and the assorted chickens.

Pyrenees Dad

If you have goats then you need Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD). Great Pyrenees are the breed we chose and they have become one of my favorite breeds. We also have a few Miniature Australian Shepherds.

Blake holding Pyper
Blake holding 8 week old Pyper, one of our new Great Pyrenees.